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How To Ask Strategic Questions To Promote Lateral Thinking

Spark innovative ideas with this lateral thinking skill Part 4 of the Lateral Thinking / Smartcuts explainer series dives into one of my favorite innovation techniques: using strategic questioning to spark innovative ideas.

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dream team

2 min read

A Short Guide To The Dream Team Leadership Framework

Explorations > Teamwork > the dream teams framework The Dream Teams framework was created by Shane Snow in 2018, and originally...

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the power of storytelling for change

6 min read

Leading Change Management Through The Power Of Storytelling

explorations > Teamwork > Trust In March 2020, the consulting firm Odgers Berndtson asked 2,000 senior executives at $50mm+ companies...

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what makes a good mission statement

5 min read

What Makes A Good Mission Statement? Start With A Good Purpose

explorations > Teamwork > Purpose In the early days of the startup company I co-founded in 2010, when my partners and I first...

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group bonding rituals for an ideal work environment

12 min read

How Team Rituals Can Create Bonding & Inclusive CUlture

explorations > Teamwork > Rituals About a year ago, my wife and I started a tradition called Movie Monday. It’s exactly what it...

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leadership skills

5 min read

The 4 Most Important Leadership Skills for Tomorrow's World

Explorations > Teamwork > Leadership If there's anything the events of the COVID-19 pandemic (and its aftermath) taught us, it’s...

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3 min read

What Is Personality Diversity and Why Is It Important For Teamwork?

Explorations > Teamwork > PERSONALITY DIVERSITY When we talk about differences at work, we often focus on visible or identity-based...

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work boundaries

10 min read

How To Set Work Boundaries To Increase Productivity And Happiness

Explorations > Teamwork > Boundaries I once managed a very talented graphic designer who could never seem to hit deadlines without...

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trust each other

7 min read

The Counter-Intuitive Truth About Trust In Teamwork

EXPLORATIONS > TEAMWORK > TRUST What does it mean to trust someone in teamwork? I estimate I'd have $100,000 in laptops if I’d...

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psychological safety

6 min read

Why Psychological Safety is Important For Productive Teamwork

explorations > Teamwork > Trust Psychological safety is a bit of a business buzzword of late—in large part because of a big study...

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