Exploring The Art & Science Of

Breakthrough Teamwork.

I've dedicated years of my career studying the human behavior, neuroscience, and history of breakthrough collaboration—and applied what I've learned in my own companies, relationships, and clients. I've got a long way to go, but I'm sharing what I learn as I explore:


Cognitive Diversity: The Ingredients Of Breakthrough Teamwork

The counter-intuitive elements that make all the difference in high-performance teams.

Over the years, various schools of thought have emerged about what the "perfect" team consists of. After extensively researching the most commonly cited teamwork frameworks, I've concluded that the answer to "what does the perfect team consist of" is going to be a function of the situation, goals, resources, and personalities afoot. That said, there are some underlying, fundamental patterns among teams that get by together versus teams that get better together.

And the biggest pattern of all is this: the best teams are stocked with people who think differently than each other.


Productive Conflict: Unlocking The Power Of High-Potential Teams

Keeping cognitive friction in a productive place is the single biggest missed opportunity of teams that have what it take to make magic happen.

Building & Maintaining Trust In High-Performance Teams

The best teams run on trust. But most people's instincts on how to build trust in teams are backwards.

Leading Dream Teams

How synergy actually comes about—and how leaders can make it happen.

We need each other—to see further, climb higher, and be better. But teamwork that truly adds up to more than the sum of its parts is not easy or straightforward. It takes leadership that's willing to take the effort to not do things the "easy way."