Shane Snow

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I've spent 15+ years writing about how to think differently...

As a correspondent for some of the top magazines in the world, as a researcher overseeing original psychology and neuroscience studies, and as a bestselling author:


I’ve applied what I’ve learned to building innovative companies…

As a 4x startup founder, 2x CEO, and advisor to high-growth organizations.





Shane Snow & Sylvia Brindis, TV & Theatre Producers



To producing TV series & Broadway musicals…

Applying innovative thinking to create efficiencies, better experiences for workers, and bring fantastic stories to the screen and stage.




And to helping orgs like Microsoft, Verizon, Reebok, and The U.N. get better at storytelling, innovation, and teamwork.

As a globally-recognized keynote speaker, leadership & storytelling workshop coach, and consultant.


But before all that, I was a kid in Idaho who climbed abandoned potato silos and took apart modems for fun.

My dad fixed cars and houses (and eventually nuclear waste canisters!) and my mom tricked my brother and I into reading 100s of books each summer in order to “beat” each other at reading.

I developed a passion for exploring. For dismantling things to see how they work. And for asking “why?” whenever someone says “This is how things are done.”

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Over the years, I’ve trudged through abandoned sewers and subway tunnels to see where they lead; I’ve driven across rural Cuba to hunt down lost historical figures; I’ve eaten only ice cream for weeks in the name of science, gotten my brain electrocuted for the sake of a story, and conducted investigative journalism to expose illegal gun traffickers and clear up false accusations. I’ve designed groundbreaking psychology research studies and measured people’s brainwaves in order to explore how humans think.

And I’ve made connections from all of these adventures that have helped me see the world differently, question my own assumptions, and apply new thinking to old problems.

To that end, I’ve co-founded several startup companies and helped build teams to tackle hard problems from new angles.

SHOWRUNNER-teamAt SHOWRUNNER, we’ve invented virtual filmmaking technology that’s lowering barriers to entry for filmmakers while improving working conditions for their crews.

At Contently, we pioneered the digital content marketing industry and helped over 100,000 freelance workers put food on their tables working with organizations like Coca-Cola, The United Nations, and American Express.

At Snow Academy, we’ve reinvented soft skills training and helped Fortune 500s and government agencies level up their leaders and teams.

I was also a founding Advisor to Substack, which has revolutionized the creator economy; and I’m currently an advisor to Narratively, which champions longform journalism for diverse voices, as well as serving on the Advisory Board of the Columbia University Entrepreneurship Counsel.

IMG_20240523_192300But if there’s one thing I love more than all of this exploring and building, it’s telling stories.

Throughout all my adventures, I’ve used storytelling as both an excuse to explore the world and a means to help others think differently about it.

My first public speech was at age 4 years old, where I told a story about jelly beans at a talent show. Since then, I’ve shared ideas at hundreds of conferences and events, on Broadway (as a comedy performer and a theatre producer), and in dozens of magazines, and in books and for the screen.


Here’s what I truly believe:

No one ever changed the world by thinking the same.

  • Exploration helps us make new connections and see the world differently.
  • Innovation applies new thinking to make a difference—and is supercharged by exceptional teamwork.
  • And Storytelling helps us inspire each other to do all of that—especially when it’s hard.

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