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Lateral Thinking

lateral thinking

3 min read

How To Develop Lateral Thinking For Better Decision-Making

Pretend that you're hosting some friends at your house for dinner. After the meal, you bring out a round cake that you'd like to cut into eight...

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5 min read

Why Bad Ideas Are Good For Innovation

Mark Tigan, civil servant of the village of Winooski, Vermont, was thirty-two years old when the president of the United States called to shut him...

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1 min read

How To Think Differently: The Smartcuts Framework

By definition, it's easy to think of obvious ideas.

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Using The Scientific Method To Spark Lateral Thinking

As we discussed in Part 1 of my Smartcuts explainer series on how to use lateral thinking, it's not easy to think differently than we already think.

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Thinking From First Principles: A Starting Point For Innovative Problem-Solving

Classic entrepreneurs and inventors tend to talk a lot about "thinking from first principles." But what does that actually mean? And how do you...

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Strategic Questioning For Lateral Thinking

Part 4 of the Lateral Thinking / Smartcuts explainer series dives into one of my favorite innovation techniques: using strategic questioning to spark...

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How To Form Innovative, Non-Obvious Hypotheses

Part 5 of my Lateral Thinking explainer series is about doing what most people jump straight to in Step 1 of a typical problem-solving process:...

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Using Lateral Thinking To Test & Bulletproof innovative ideas

Part 6 of my Thinking Different explainer series digs into how to run your ideas through the gauntlet, so you can make sure you're coming to strong...

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Building Range and Cognitive Diversity To Solve Problems More Easily

The Importance Of Being Multi-Disciplined The conclusion of my Lateral Thinking explainer series. In this episode we explore how to diversify our...

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