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4 min read

What Authenticity Really Means In Leadership

What does it mean to be an authentic leader? The answer to this question couldn't be more relevant right now.

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1 min read

The Worst Thing A Team Leader Can Do When Someone Is Messing Up

THERE'S A COMMON CHOICE that team leaders make that causes them to "lose" their team. It's the choice that's forced on us any time a team member...

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2 min read

The Dream Teams Framework: A Primer For Leaders

Explorations > Teamwork > the dream teams framework   The Dream Teams framework was created by Shane Snow in 2018, and originally...

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storytelling for change

6 min read

Leading Change Management Through The Power Of Storytelling

explorations > Teamwork > Trust   In March 2020, the consulting firm Odgers Berndtson asked 2,000 senior executives at $50mm+...

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teamwork purpose

4 min read

How Purpose drives Teamwork

explorations > Teamwork > Purpose   In the early days of the startup company I co-founded in 2010, when my partners and I first...

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teamwork rituals

12 min read

Bonding Rituals For Better Teamwork

explorations > Teamwork > Rituals   About a year ago, my wife and I started a tradition called Movie Monday. It’s exactly what it...

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5 min read

The 4 Most Important Skills Of Tomorrow's Leaders

Explorations > Teamwork > Leadership   If there's anything the events of 2020 taught us, it’s this: we are more interconnected than...

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