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hybrid work policies

4 min read

Why Hybrid Work Policies Backfire... And How To Fix Them

The space between extremes is often where the most magic happens. But they don't call it "the messy middle" for no reason.

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what authenticity means

4 min read

What Authenticity Means In Leadership

What does it mean to be an authentic leader? The answer to this question couldn't be more relevant right now.

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when leaders dont lead

1 min read

When Leaders Don't Lead: What To Say When Someone Makes A Mistake

What to say when someone makes a mistake? THERE'S A COMMON CHOICE that team leaders make that causes them to "lose" their team. It's the choice that's

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conflict resolution

6 min read

4 Communication Habits That Reduce Workplace Drama

These 4 things will help you deal with misunderstandings at work and get work done A FEW YEARS AGO, I was in a cab in Moscow ona book-writing...

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dream team

2 min read

A Short Guide To The Dream Team Leadership Framework

Explorations > Teamwork > the dream teams framework The Dream Teams framework was created by Shane Snow in 2018, and originally...

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what makes a good mission statement

5 min read

What Makes A Good Mission Statement? Start With A Good Purpose

explorations > Teamwork > Purpose In the early days of the startup company I co-founded in 2010, when my partners and I first...

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group bonding rituals for an ideal work environment

12 min read

How Team Rituals Can Create Bonding & Inclusive CUlture

explorations > Teamwork > Rituals About a year ago, my wife and I started a tradition called Movie Monday. It’s exactly what it...

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leadership skills

5 min read

The 4 Most Important Leadership Skills for Tomorrow's World

Explorations > Teamwork > Leadership If there's anything the events of the COVID-19 pandemic (and its aftermath) taught us, it’s...

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3 min read

What Is Personality Diversity and Why Is It Important For Teamwork?

Explorations > Teamwork > PERSONALITY DIVERSITY When we talk about differences at work, we often focus on visible or identity-based...

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work boundaries

10 min read

How To Set Work Boundaries To Increase Productivity And Happiness

Explorations > Teamwork > Boundaries I once managed a very talented graphic designer who could never seem to hit deadlines without...

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