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hybrid work policies

4 min read

Why Hybrid Work Policies Backfire... And How To Fix Them

The space between extremes is often where the most magic happens. But they don't call it "the messy middle" for no reason.

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the art of storytelling

5 min read

How The Art Of Storytelling Unlocks Our Capacity For Sustained Attention

In 2015, the Internet blew up with a shocking new statistic: "humans have an 8-second attention span.Less than that of a goldfish!And it's getting...

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the power of storytelling neuroscience

3 min read

Scientists Read My Brain To Teach Me About The Power Of Storytelling

The science behind powerful storytelling I want to tell you about the last time I cried.

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what reading level should i write at

8 min read

What Reading Level Should You Write At?

Some time ago, a friend and I were talking about becoming better writers by looking at the “reading levels” of our work. Scholars have formulas for...

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