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the art of storytelling

4 min read

Benefits of creative writing for post-traumatic growth

Bruce Lee died too young.

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filmmaking cliches

4 min read

How to be a better writer: learning from movie cliches

Moviegoers love a nice cliché. At least, if ticket sales for superhero comic films are any indication.

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how to be a good storyteller

3 min read

How to be a good storyteller: Make your audience feel smart

What makes good storytelling is how smart you sound, but how smart you make your audience feeL The other day, I was struck by a quote I read. It was...

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what makes you a better writer follow ben franklin

4 min read

How to be a better writer following Ben Franklin's method

When Benjamin Franklin was a boy, he yearned for a life at sea. This worried his father, so the two toured the various trades in 18th-century Boston...

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what reading level should i write at

8 min read

Data reveals what reading level you should write at

Some time ago, a friend and I were talking about becoming better writers by looking at the “reading levels” of our work. Scholars have formulas for...

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