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workplace drama

6 min read

How To Get On The Same Page at The Workplace and Avoid Drama

These 4 Things Will Help You Curb Drama And Get Work Done A FEW YEARS AGO, I was in a cab in Moscow on a book-writing adventure, and my driver...

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debate beyonce jayz

5 min read

How To Keep A Debate From Going Off The Rails

Here’s a question: Would Beyonce have gotten to where she is without Jay-Z?

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10 min read

A better way to brainstorm

  This treatise on productive brainstorming—or rather, alternatives to it—is based on dozens of scientific studies and voluminous...

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30 min read

Intellectual Dishonesty

How to debate and make progress by curbing Intellectual Dishonesty Discourse and debate are more effective in both democracy and business when...

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5 min read

How To Have A Productive Debate

Note from Shane: In my book Dream Teams I discuss how to harness the conflict between people with different ideas—and how debate is better for...

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