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Decision Making

burden of proof pudding

3 min read

How Mastering Burden Of Proof​ Will Make You A Better Decision Maker

Conspiracy theory culture is on the rise in general. But in my observation, even the most reasonable people have a conspiracy-related problem in the...

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strategic decision making

15 min read

How To Use Virtues & Principles For Strategic Decision-Making

AFEW YEARS AGO I found myself in a rather dark place. The bottom had dropped out from under me in several areas of my life. It started...

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intellectual dishonesty

30 min read

Intellectual Dishonesty

The meaning of intellectual dishonesty and how to curb it Discourse and debate are more effective in both democracy and business when we learn...

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what is intellectual humility

41 min read

What is Intellectual Humility? How It Works And How To Develop It

Intellectual Humility: A Timeless Virtue Intellectual Humility is one of the most exciting fields of study in current psychology and philosophy....

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