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Cognitive Diversity


5 min read

Why Bad Ideas Are Good For Innovation

Mark Tigan, civil servant of the village of Winooski, Vermont, was thirty-two years old when the president of the United States called to shut him...

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getting out of your comfort zone

4 min read

Overcoming Cognitive Entrenchment, So We Can Make Breakthroughs

Early in my career, I got some advice from a CEO I looked up to:

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3 min read

How To Balance Work-Style Diversity With The Need For Results

Think about the most creative person in your life. How does their “work style” differ from yours?

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3 min read

What Is Personality Diversity and Why Is It Important For Teamwork?

Explorations > Teamwork > PERSONALITY DIVERSITY When we talk about differences at work, we often focus on visible or identity-based...

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lateral thinking and cognitive diversity

How To Build Cognitive Range & Solve Problems Smarter

The importance of focusing on multidisciplinary development The conclusion of my Lateral Thinking explainer series. In this episode, we explore how...

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company culture

2 min read

Culture Add Is Better Than Culture Fit

PEOPLE Should ADD TO your company CULTURE, NOT FIT IT. When I was a few years into running my first big company, I went to a mentor of mine with a...

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cognitive diversity innovation

13 min read

Cognitive Diversity: The Key to Both Innovation And Better Teamwork

Explorations > Teamwork > COGNITIVE DIVERSITY Ghenghis Khan, the Mongol leader who killed and conquered his way to owning the largest...

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